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Selected Grantees Working to Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade




WildAid‘s slogan “When the buying stops, the killing can too” embodies its mission to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime. Using celebrity “ambassadors” to deliver its message, WildAid educates consumers of wildlife and wildlife products of the impact of their purchases and changes values and behavior by making wildlife products undesirable.

EJF Philanthropies has provided major support to WildAid’s China Ivory and Pangolin Demand Reduction Campaign as well as general support. In addition, we provided initial funding for WildAid’s Thailand Ivory Demand Reduction Campaign.



EJF Philanthropies is helping to establish the WILDLABS.NET Tech Hub, a collaboration between the U.K. government, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, the Open Data Institute, and seven international conservation organizations. The Tech Hub’s technology and conservation experts are helping to accelerate the latest technology solutions to Illegal Wildlife Trade challenges. Solutions include monitoring wildlife from space with satellites and using ground sensors to raise alerts when rangers might need to intervene to protect wildlife from poaching.

The Tech Hub’s work has a special focus on data standards and sharing, which will accelerate the use of machine learning image recognition algorithms to strengthen surveillance tools. This AI will help law enforcement speed up the detection of threatened species in the field, trafficked through customs and sold online.


Environmental Investigation Agency


EIA conducts undercover operations, going out to the frontlines of environmental crime and returning with the credible intelligence and persuasive imagery necessary to confirm the findings of preliminary research and tip-offs in the field.  

EJF Philanthropies has provided major support to EIA’s Pangolin and Ivory Trade Campaigns, as well as general support.

Natural Resource Conservation Network


From its inception in 2014, Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) has quickly gained a reputation for its effective model for investigating and fighting wildlife crime in Uganda. NRCN is a network of professionals who are using their training to ensure timely investigation, prosecution and reporting of wildlife crime in Uganda in order to reduce on incidences of wildlife poaching and promote conservation of wildlife. 

NRCN was founded by Vincent Opyene, who is a Wildlife Crime Investigator and specialized wildlife crime Public Prosecutor. EJF Philanthropies was NRCN’s first private funder and we have continued to champion and advocate for support of NRCN’s work. We are thrilled that Vincent Opyene was the 2018 Winner of the TUSK Award for Conservation in Africa.  


Center on Illicit Networks and Transnational Organized Crime (CINTOC)


CINTOC is a strategic intelligence organization that finds hidden criminal networks that imperil our planet and prey on the vulnerable, from wildlife trafficking to grand scale corruption.

Read about CINTOC’s effort to stop Facebook from serving as a marketplace for illegal wildlife parts in WIRED: 

"Tusks, Horns, and Claws: The Fight to Dismantle the Facebook Animal Parts Bazaar," WIRED / Read Full Article

Photo credit at left: Steven Stone



Here are some of the other programs we are supporting that are working to stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade:

Zoological Society of London – 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference

Wildlife Justice Commission