EJF Philanthropies

Selected Pet Shelters and Veterinary Science Grantees


Humane Rescue Alliance


The Humane Rescue Alliance inspires and creates a community where all animals have secure homes and where people and animals live together with joy and compassion. HRA operates Washington, DC’s open-access animal adoption center and offers an array of dynamic programs and services; providing comfort and care to more than 51,000 animals annually.


Greyhound Health Initiative


The Greyhound Health Initiative (GHI), a non-profit organization established in 2014, is committed to improving the health of sighthound dogs worldwide through education, research, and accessibility for owners, adopters as well as veterinarians. GHI is run by Dr. Guillermo Couto, a veterinarian known as a pioneer and expert in Greyhound medicine.


Rolling Dog Farm


Rolling Dog Farm creates a special place for animals with disabilities. These are the animals who are often the least likely to be adopted and among the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters. Among other accomplishments, Rolling Dog Farm has changed the way that people who care about animals view blind dogs. Leading by example, Rolling Dog has demonstrated that blindness is rarely an impediment for a dog to lead a happy and healthy life.

Jake is a blind dog rescued by Rolling Dog Farm

Jake is a blind dog rescued by Rolling Dog Farm